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About Lowcom

Lowcom is a low commission company offering you the same service you would normally receive from a conventional agent but at a fraction of the cost. We understand that the economy is changing and so has real estate, so our innovative company has adapted its model to assist sellers to maximise their returns when selling their property.

We have been operating for the last 3 years as iSell JHB ( Low Commission ) but have decided to rebrand and grow our company to the next level. Our team is exactly the same with a few new additional professionals to add to our current exponential growth and success.

Lowcom is headed up by Sean Sotiralis with over 20 years experience in the real estate industry and not only is he a top low commission sales agent but he has also previously worked for some of the top real estate firms in South Africa.  With 100's of successful sales under his belt you can be rest assured that your property is in good hands.

The only difference between us and a conventional agency is that we don’t attend the viewings. This actually allows us to book more viewings for each of our properties because we don’t need to physically drive to each one. This way all our properties get the best possible service by not delaying buyers from going to view the properties because of an agent’s limited time to service many properties. This allows us to book more viewings for each property and maximum buyer attendance which in turn creates a quicker sale.

Professional – Your property is one of the most important assets a person can own so we take it very seriously when it comes to marketing your home. It is very important to entrust your asset with a specialist within the industry to assist and guide you properly when selling your home.

Operational areas:

All areas of Gauteng, Durban , and Cape Town






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