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Lowcom a true online low commission estate agency

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

With the current tight economic times, and with the ever changing technology advancements Lowcom is truly a low commission estate agency assisting sellers in selling their homes without paying exorbitant commission fees. Lowcom currently charges the following to sell your home..

1. Properties under R 1 million, we charge a flat fee of R 19 999 Excl VAT

2. Properties over R 1 million we charge 1.95 % Excl VAT in commission

So if you sell your property through other low commission agents at a selling price of R 1 500 000 ( at a commission rate of 5%) you will be paying R 75 000 to sell your home and that is also excluding VAT.

With Lowcom selling at the exact same price of R 1 500 000 ( at our commission rate of 1.95%) you will only be paying R 29 250 Comm excluding VAT.

That is a massive saving of R 45 750. This money could be better spent towards your new transfer fees, new furniture, or just for savings.

Managing Lowcom is Sean Sotiralis a career estate agent with over 20 years experience and 1000's of concluded property transactions over the span of his career. A professional practitioner in Real Estate, and NQF5 qualified, Lowcom has all the right tools and ingredients that sellers need.

Even at our low commission rates a qualified, experienced and registered estate agent will be handling the sale of your property, there are no hidden upfront costs to use our service ( we only get paid on a successful sale), professional photography for advertising purposes, and constant seller feedback as the process moves along.

We have noticed that our direct competition companies are changing their low commission prices - some from fixed fee models to now a higher percentage fee structures, and others are just closing their doors.

Our guarantee to our loyal sellers is that as we approach the festive season and the new year we at Lowcom are not going any where and we are here to stay. We also guarantee that we will not be changing our prices and we will remain a truly low commission real estate agency offering our sellers exceptional service at a low commission fee.

Visit our website at to get more information.

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